Time has passed, the season has changed, and the Opera House is working again, with precautions.

The first live performance for me this autumn was Le Corsaire, maybe just right for the times, an escape to an unreal and colourful Orient. I can't imagine a Finn producing anything so shamelessly glittering and exotic, but then the performance was rented from the English National Ballet.

The music by the various composers was lively and the dancing pleasant although as a whole predictable. The ballet was entertaining and better than I had expected, but I don't expect it will turn out to be an unforgettable experience.


Otherwise I've watched Covid fan tutte on line with music by Mozart and a topical plot with a diva (Karita Mattila) stuck in Helsinki and Wagner sopranos being forced to sing Mozart - Die Walküre was scheduled to start the season. In addition there were government infos that had become familiar to us in the spring, and a dancing virus giving red roses around, unsuccesfully, I'm happy to say. It was fun actually, and I was almost sorry I didn't attend it in person.

I've been working remotely since mid-March. Now in the autumn I have some tasks that require my presence in Helsinki, but otherwise I prefer staying in Lahti with a more pleasant environment.

As for the disease, I've been tested once with a negative result (a peculiar and unpleasant experience), but one keeps wondering at every sneeze and a slightly sore throat...