In May 2005 a foreign acquaintance suggested that I start writing a blog in English; he wasn't serious of course. I refused, but somehow it got me thinking. And then in November, when I felt a need to express my thoughts, I did start.

I started with another service, and the name Magpie's Feather comes from there: I had a picture of one on the page, but it has got lost, as the original ink drawing seems to have. In the beginning I spent more time on the appearance of the page than writing, and then more or less forgot the whole thing. In the spring I moved the contents to, where the 'serenity' design is surprisingly close to my own original idea. Maybe some time I'll get to changing the names of the months into English.

This medium seems strangely suitable for me. I have kept a diary in the past and got fed up with its meaningless introversion. But here, writing mainly for myself, yet with improbable, but not impossible, readers in mind, I actually seem to have something to say, things that I have experienced or thought about, but which nobody has wanted to hear.

As of now, my blog is private, halfway between public and secret. There are no statistics attached; I prefer not to know. Still, I allow the possibility of comments, in case someone strays into my page and feels the need to comment.

Helsinki, 5th of June, 2006