At last my opera and ballet season started. I was already beginning to feel starved.

Yesterday I saw the much praised Kullervo by Tero Saarinen to the music of Sibelius' Kullervo. The beginning I found slightly disppointing: the 1892 music doesn't quite fit the 2015 choreography. I either listened to the - rather conventional and pretty - music or watched the dance (and the simple but impressive lighting by Mikki Kunttu), but I found it impossible to do both at once. But when the dark-clad choir enters the scene, everything changes. There's energy. There's power. And it all melts together. In the second act there are even parts where there is no - or almost no - music, and they are even more effective. Although this is part of the Sibelius 150 anniversary celebrations, Tero Saarinen came out on top.

Kullervo - with famous performers - can be seen in Yle Areena for the time being.


I have been suffering from cough since my laryngitis, and so of course I had a slight bout at the end of the first act. During the interval I sought a drink that would soothe my throat. As there was no honey, instead of tea I settled on orange juice - which cost 4€ a glass. Up till now I have estimated that the cost of a glass of wine is about the same as a bottle of the same wine in Alko - 8€, but apparently I must change my calculations as for 4€ I could get 2 litres of similar orange juice. But water is free!