Even Prime Minister Vanhanen has sought company in Suomi24 Treffit, although the result wasn't very good advertisement for online dating.

About a year ago, it seems, he found a certain Susan Kuronen, who soon started dreaming of marriage. He was very right to get rid of her, I think, the way she has been behaving. Even if he did it by SMS. "It ended in emptiness", he said. Of course there's always the question of a politician's honesty (as with Bill Clinton), but I think there must be worse offences than claiming that they had met in Ikea instead of Internet.

Susan "All He Wanted Was Sex" Kuronen seems to have become addicted to 'fame' almost overnight, unless she had planned it from the start: tabloids, magazines, TV... Making last appearances time after time, and now planning to publish a book of her 'experiences'.

There's an Internet petition "Shut Up Susan Kuronen", with 3322 petitioners as of now - the numbers are increasing almost by the minute, speaking for all of us who have had enough.