I've bought a car! A Renault 19 Hatchback, 1993 model with 92 000 km, for 2000 €.

In a way I've surprised myself, although I had planned this since spring. In June I noticed a colleague had put up her old car for sale in the Intranet, asking 2450 € for it. I didn't do anything about it then because I was busy preparing for my holiday, but when I came back to work I saw that she hadn't sold it yet. The test drive was yesterday, and the car seems to be in a good condition for its age, as far as I can tell.

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From the front

From behind

I'm a bit uncertain about this whole thing, because I don't want to own a car, but I need one to practise in order to get my final driving license. When I've got that I'm planning to get rid of the car, and maybe I'll join City Car Club then.