Jeans have in been fashion again for the last few years, can't see why. I've had two pairs of blue jeans in my life. My mother tells me that I had a pair of green jeans as child, but I can't remember it. In my early teens I had a dark blue pair, of the Finnish James brand, named for James Dean in the 1950s, and when they had got nice and worn, my mother threw them away. A few years later I had pale blue jeans of no known brand. When they had shrunk so much that I had to let out the legs, I embroidered a grapevine to cover up the pale line. Now I haven't had jeans for almost thirty years. Fashions may come and go, but I probably won't wear them ever again. There hardly is a garment that is uglier and less comfortable, and a worse fit for me.

Last winter there was a series of posters advertising some clothes shop or another, one of which said: "Buy a good looking bottom. Get a pair of jeans for the same money." The picture showed, of course, a woman's behind covered in blue jeans, but was it good looking? No. Better than the average jeans-clad bottoms on the streets, but basically it was just broad and flat, nothing to brag about.

There has been this strange idea around for a long time that especially tight jeans are sexy. But I just can't see what's sexy in a body pressed to the shape of a pair of trousers. A balloon is sexier than that! Recently there was a newspaper article telling that tight jeans cause eating disorders. So apparently the girls aren't even happy with their looks. Why not wear clothes that let them feel good about themselves, instead of trying to fit into impossible ideals?