November started agreeably enough with a holiday. We even had first snow in Lahti, and I got much done:


On Tuesday I finished raking leaves; on Thursday it started snowing, and I could do some snow clearing. On Wednesday I was in the market, on Thursday my car had MOT test and winter tyres. I also managed to get various household chores done during the week.

On Saturday my cousin phoned and told that his mother, my aunt, and of course my mother's sister, had unexpectedly died late on Tuesday evening. She had watched TV in her assisted living home, and on her way to bed, she had collapsed, and it was discovered she was dead.

Of course my mother and I sent a condolence card. Then a couple of weeks later the cousin phoned again and told that the funeral would be on Thursday, as I thought I heard. Mother and I decided to send flowers. All well so far. Then on Wednesday the florist phones me and tells that the funeral had been on Tuesday! I send email to the cousin. He replies that he is just on the way to the funeral. I phone the florist, she reassures me that  they'll check with the church. I phone mother to tell her of the mess. She tells me our condolence card had been returned to us - incredible.

I spent a restless night with very little sleep, but this morning I had a soothing message from the cousin: our flowers had arrived, although a little late, and the funeral had been a fine farewell to their mother.