A meeting of European Michael students and a channelling retreat took place on the 5th-8th October 2006 at The Dell House in Malvern Wells in England, a three and a half days out of this reality. It was an unforgettable event for me, although it is already hard to remember what happened when. The mundane events pale before the intensity of channellings, although everything was as pleasant as could be: nice people, lovely house, good food...

  • Thursday: Arrival at The Dell House, Tony Neate channelled HA, afterwards Garðar channelled Michael commending the Neates and HA, an upper astral level entity, for their good work. Both HA and Michael said the group had come together for a purpose, against odds. HA had also something personal to say to each of us.
  • Friday: Tony and Ann Neate instructed in channelling. We agreed that they come from an "older tradition" in stressing the need for psychic protection, but as far as I'm concerned, the experience of trance was useful. Lunch at The Railway Inn
  • Saturday: Michael books. Michael channelling by Garðar with questions and answers. Buffet lunch at the Dell House. Dinner at The Hanley Swan
  • Sunday: My overleaves channelled by Garðar, Michael channelling by Nancy with questions and answers, and channelling instruction by Michael via Garðar. Traditional Sunday roast at The Railway Inn
  • Monday: Departure after breakfast

To our surprise Michael, through Garðar, said on Saturday that we all were capable of channelling and offered to teach us, causing a slight sensation. And on Sunday, before the teaching session they announced: "As of this moment, you are channels." By the end of the day we had all channelled (not Michael though), in my case by drawing rather than through words. Some found the experience surprisingly familiar.

And I finally got my overleaves channelled, by Garðar. Most of them I had got right on my own, only the Goal was different, which was a relief and easy to validate - actually it was one I had originally considered. In addition I had underestimated my Soul Age. The most important thing was, however, that Michael pointed out how it all hangs together, explained a decision about speech made before this lifetime, and what I could do to improve my working life with beneficial effects spreading also to more personal areas, referring also to a question I had asked through another channel

Taking part were Regina Wright, Helen Burrage, and Valerye Kennedy from England, Nancy Gordon form Colorado, Garðar Björgvinsson from Iceland, and I from Finland. Present at non-spiritual events was also Ian Burrage, Helen's husband and co-owner of The Dell House.