The season started with Le nozze di Figaro, directed by Anna Kelo, conducted by Marco Ozbič. The composer is the young and promising W.A. Mozart.

Anna Kelo calls Le nozze di Figaro world's best opera. I wouldn't go quite as far as that. How can you compare? Certainly it is one among the best handful. However, this performance was not among the best. Especially in the first act everything seemed to be slightly off, starting with Jussi Merikanto's (Figaro) Italian pronunciation. But from the second act everything improved as if by miracle, and by the end I was fairly happy with my experience, even if the humour was slightly heavy handed. For the first time I understood what actually happens, and why the original play by Pierre Beaumarchais was seen as revolutionary, although this is the third version I've seen in the Finnish National Opera. Anna Kelo writes in the programme that she directed it as a theatre play, which apparently wasn't a bad idea.

As the previous Figaros I've seen this was also set in the 18th century For a change, it would be interesting to see a version set in a different time, why not the future?