People are fighting over tickets to the Mozart Ballets that had their premiere two weeks ago. On me the ticket was wasted, I'd have been better off if I had given it away. It is strange, usually I feel much better after opera or ballet, sometimes nearly euphoric. But yesterday was disastrous.

Balanchine's Divertimento 15 came first. I had felt fine all day, but when the performance started I was soon fuming with rage. What could be causing this reaction? There can hardly be anything lighter and prettier than Balanchine and Mozart combined. Could it be that it was too much so? A couple of years ago there was a whole evening of Balanchine's choreographies, which I found sweet but hollow. I doubt it was a coincidence that I forgot my programme in the toilet.

After the interval started Jirí Kylián's Petite Mort, which was better. I probably would have enjoyed it, if Balanchine hadn't ruined my state of mind. Sechs Tänze wasn't too bad either, with the same reservation. People applauded like crazy. Not I, though. On leaving home I heard people praising the performance, "all different, all excellent".

Finally I decided to walk home. Walking usually helps, as it did now: when I had settled on my sofa with a book, chocolate and a glass of Pernod, I was feeling all right again.

P.S. I can live without Bournonville, too.