Early in the week I was on an excursion to Estonian museums, from the brand new Estonian National Museum (ERM) to Lennusadam. Both are very impressive from an architectural point of view.


Eesti Rahva Muuseum - architects Lina GhotmehDan Dorell and Tsuyoshi Tane


Tartu Art Museum - the Leaning House, built 1793


Interior of the Seaplane Harbour (Lennusadam), to the left the submarine Lembit

I haven't been in Estonia for more than fourteen years, probably a rare achievement in Finland. In 2002 there were still many leftovers from the Soviet times, not only of physical remains, but also in mentality. Now the mentality seemed completely changed, but as could be expected, many buildings were still standing in spite of the much touted new glass and steel structures - and why shouldnt they? The food had also improved remarkably, in spite of stil being very affordable to a Finn. All in all, a very satisfying journey.