My first ballet performance of the season, Horečná-Godoni-Robbins took place yesterday. The ballets were shown in opposite order from the title, which misled me for a while.

First was thus Glass Pieces (1983) by Jerome Robbins - actually quite astonishing that it was by the choreographer of On the Town and West Side Story, which for me belong to a completely different world and time. I can now see the similarities in the treatment of masses and individuals, but at the time I was at first baffled, as I tried to make sense of it as a brand new ballet by Natália Horečná :D But anyhow, it was fun to watch.

After the end of Glass Pieces there was a surprise event, as the conductor Dalia Stasevska received the Hulda Paulo Award. The rest of the evening we had to do with recorded music - which wasn't bad at all.

The middle ballet was Jacopo Godoni's Spazio-Tempo (2010), which was very much to my taste - dark and fascinating. It was utterly different from the preceding performance: the movements were very complicated and non-repetitive. Each dancer was different, and yet the whole was harmonious, but I didn't quite understand how it related to space-time, other than the way most things do. Towards the end there was a slight increase in similarity between the dancers' movements - order increased, contrary to the second law of thermodynamics - was that the connection?. The interesting music was by 48Nord.

And last was then Utopia of Another Continent (2014) by Natália Horečná. As far as choreography as such is concerned I liked it a lot, but what I didn't like was the didactic story-telling, which I usually don't. If I hadn't read the detailed plot in the programme, I probably would have liked the ballet better.

As a whole the evening was nice, although I wasn't in the best of moods for some incomprehensible reason.