The main event of the season for me is Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg, directed by Harry Kupfer - originally for the Zurich Opera in 2012. It takes place in the ruins of Katharinenkirche in Nuremberg in the 1950s. The sets by Hans Schavernoch were very handy.

Yesterday was the second performance of this production in Helsinki, and incredibly just the 29th performance of the opera in Finland on the whole, and yet there were plenty of empty seats.

It was good fun: I'd never have thought I'd laugh listening to Wagner, but Beckmesser's surrealistic song was hilarious - Michael Kraus without his problems at the premiere. Mika Pohjonen, the Tango King of the year 1992, was Walther von Stolzing. I remember being struck by him in the Tangomarkkinat competition, thinking "at last someone who can sing!" Since then he has progressed through the Opera Choir to important roles. Last night he won again a singing competition as a fictional character. Ralf Lukas as Hans Sachs was also good, as were all.

The evening was remarkably enjoyable. However, the stilted surtitles make me wish I did'nt need them, although I am no friend of Wagner's language.