Yesterday was again my night for opera or ballet - this time ballet, A Night with the Masters.


I started the preparations at 4 p.m. First a shower, then basic skin creams, perfume (Estée Lauder Private Collection) in the small of my back and the hollows of my knees, and hair as usual.

Some food while reading the newspaper wearing a negligée.

New scarf and the evening hand bag from the cupboard. The ticket, keys, some money, travel card and powder compact in the bag.

I continue to read the newspaper while I varnish my nails. When the nails are dry I have some tea.

Then the make up: foundation cream, powder, light pen, rouge, eyeliner, two shades of eyeshadow, mascara, and moustache wax on my brows.

A little more food while reading the newspaper. Adding some perfume in my neck and wrists (it's getting a little old), brushing my teeth. Lipliner, lipstick.

Finally clothes: dark brown trousers, brown silk sweater, thin black necklace, the snake ring I wear always on my left hand, a ring with a tiger's eye on the right, black shoes, and the pale orange scarf.

It's 6:15 p.m. and time to leave.


As for what I saw, the first of the three, Voluntaries, was quite lovely, the second, Prodigal Son, was naive and stupid, and the third, Etudes, was fun in its way although I was yawning towards the end.