First snow fell in Lahti last October when there were still leaves on trees and it stayed on the ground for several weeks.

A storm had felled a large branch from an old apple tree on a garden table and empty fountain, and then the heavy snow fell on top of it all. By this weekend the snow was mostly gone, and I could saw the branch into five foot long pieces and carry them away, except for the thickest and heaviest that I only managed to get on a nearby bench out of the way.

I could also rake the driveway so that it looked tidy. Dead leaves still cover the lawn, and as far as I'm concerned they can remain that way and decompose into soil in due course. Tidy lawns aren't all that necessary under snow, I think. Still, rotting leaves and apples don't look very appealing in the November mirk. Besides, raking is fun.

Living creatures seen: crows, magpies, blue tits, two squirrels.