The TV watchers' super weekend is over.

Paradise Oskar didn't win the Eurovision Song Contest, which surprised and disappointed some. A cute boy with a nice song, but so what? I was more surprised that Azerbaidjan won. When the points started to pile up, I desperately tried to remember the song, and failed. Even when it was performed again, it took me a good while until it seemed I might have heard it before.

The Ice Hockey World Championships had more drama, and of course a pleasant outcome for Finland as the Swedes collapsed in the way we are accustomed to expect from the Finnish team. However, the championship of 1995 was a more intense experience for me, and I believe, also for others. Somehow the victory brought a great sense of release, then.

This time I was pleased but fairly indifferent. It was only at the Market Square that I had a momentary sense of melancholy happiness when Finlandia was sung somewhere on the stage while a rainbow could be seen in the southern sky.

The ice hockey studio in TV had an SMS poll: which is more important, Ice Hockey World Championships, or Eurovision Song Contest? Under the circumstances the result was obvious, but my choice would have been different - both are pretty unimportant, though. After all, there are only six countries in the world which have any realistic chance to play in IHWC finals, but in ESC anyone of almost 50 countries has a chance of winning. Besides, once the ice hockey games are over, only statistics remain, but there is the possibility - although slight - that in ESC something of enduring value is produced.