I had quite a shock when my mother lost her consciousness in the sauna. She has a flu and has been tired, listless and off food for a few days. I wondered if it was wise for her to go to the sauna, but we go there every Saturday without fail, and so we did also this time. I was sitting in the steam room after she had left and heard a rattling sound from the washroom. I asked what was the matter, but got no answer. When I got down to look I saw to my horror her hanging limp and lifeless on the benches, eyes staring and empty, only her breath was rattling. I tried to lift her up, but couldn't. I rushed upstairs to call an ambulance. I had sometimes wondered how I would cope in an emergency, but now I acted automatically right. When I went back to sauna mother was already conscious though still unable to move, but soon she was on her feet and almost herself again by the time the ambulance arrived. The men did their tests and finally it was decided that mother could stay home if she wanted.

Later I realised it had to have been caused by the nasal spray mother had taken. Reading the instruction leaflet I discovered it shouldn't be used by a person on anti-depressants, which she has been using for a few years because of her panic attacks.