Last Saturday evening, Mayday, I was happily lying in my bath tub in Helsinki when the phone rang. It was my mother, "dying," and insisting I come to Lahti. She sounded really bad - although not dying - so I agreed, although with irritation, to come as soon as I had finished my bath. Two and a half hours later I was home in Lahti.

The only reason for this fit that I can think of, is that it was a holiday. Mother even complained that she can't bear "these long holidays", even though it actually was no longer than an ordinary weekend.

 On Sunday she little by little returned to a more normal frame of mind, and I could come back to Helsinki.


Today, Monday, I was on the annual office spring outing in Siuntio Wellness & Conference Resort.

(photo ©Magpie)

The building offered no great visual pleasure and the activities were too sporty for my taste, but I spent the morning swimming and in the sauna, and the afternoon walking on the hiking paths and taking photos. It was a nice day.


From bath to bath, and from one extreme to another, within 48 hours.