I had been looking forward to seeing Masters of Movement, but the evening got off to a bad start with Alexander Ekman's Episode 31. Without warning, it began with a video with the dancers talking, and talking (and dancing here and there in Helsinki). I was so angry I was hardly able to see. Probably without the video I would have liked it. Afterwards I read in the programme that he frequently includes videos, which is alright as such, but why the talking? After the first break, there was Little Monsters by Demis Volpi with Elvis songs. Again, words. If I hadn't been so angry, I might have liked it. And then Carolyn Carlson's If Leave is to Remember with live music (Philip Glass). I desperately wanted to like it and it seemed OK, if a little drawn out and watery, until a voice started speaking platitudes, ending in "if leave is to remember."

But then, after the second intermission: Jord by Jorma Uotinen, with music by Apocalyptica (recorded). Immediately I felt all my anger and tension start to disperse. Such energy, such deep earth colours, such sound... I'm still transported to bliss when I remember it.

One might think they did it on purpose; first all the rubbish, and then real art. But apparently I was the only one to feel that way.

If I wanted to hear speaking on stage, I'd go to theatre.