Late last July I registered at the Finnish net auction site in order to get rid of superfluous books taking up precious shelf space; last time I tried selling books to a second-hand shop the keeper claimed that foreign language books don't sell!

Within the first month I:

  1. bought an ouija poster for 22 €
  2. got cheated out of 12 € for a 'Spirited Away' double DVD
  3. sold Kushiel's Legacy trilogy by Jacqueline Carey for 5.50 €
  4. bought a 0.80 carat yellow sapphire for 25 €, which according to Vedic astrology is a lucky gem for me, although it's too small for that purpose
  5. bought a 1908 Finnish translation of The Antichrist by Friedrich Nietzsche, supposedly a rare edition, for 82 €, in memory of a teenage craze - it's too bad I can't read Nietzsche any longer, but I've found a good home for it between Ambrose Bierce and a barely known excentric philosopher-musician
  6. reported an offence to the police concerning the 12 €, and
  7. got the DVD a month later, when the police had been in touch with the untrustworthy seller.

The things one does when bored! They say the devil finds work for idle hands. An idle brain does not need a devil, it finds things to do all by itself.


Now I have a pile of 12 books, and 2 music cassettes, ready to be auctioned. In the future I'll try to concentrate on selling instead of buying.