I was on a museum excursion with co-workers again, after a spring of removal and reorganization, to Berlin. Obviously Berlin is an interesting city for almost anyone to visit, but I have always had a somewhat negative image of it. The reality was a very pleasant surprise; it turned out to be laid-back and 'user-friendly.'

The museums I visited:

  • Musikinstrumenten-Museum
  • Haus am Checkpoint Charlie
  • DDR-Museum
  • Deutsches Historisches Museum
  • The Story of Berlin
  • Gemäldegallerie

Lots of interesting museums I missed, but most of these had to be seen because of our own exhibition project, and the time was limited - just 54 hours from Wednesday to Friday. I recommend The Story of Berlin!

And now I keep thinking how to get back to Berlin again - in spite of the miserable hayfever I got there.