Last January I bought from Hobby Hall a Raleigh X-Bike to help me control my weight by aerobic exercise. With time I got used to sitting and pedalling, and not dying of boredom - watching Heartbeat and Ballykissangel helped a bit.

In November when I had 'cycled' more than 1000 kilometres the meter started behaving erratically. No worry, it was still guaranteed. I carried most of it, weighing 16,1 kilogrammes, to the nearest post office to be sent to Hobby Hall Maintenance Service. Two weeks later it came back. They had changed the meter, but apparently they had done something more - in principle it is good that they examined it thoroughly, and when I test pedalled it it made a terrible rattling noise and the resistance was almost gone. So, after trying to phone the Service and fuming for the rest of the evening I packed the faulty part again, and carried it to the post office, with a note. With its 10,1 kg it felt quite light...

Yesterday I received a brand new complete Raleigh X-Bike. Let's hope it lasts longer.

By the way, I weigh 2 kilos more than last January.