I had planned to write nothing about this year's Eurovision Song Contest. I've lost my interest in it long ago, nor am I willing to be amused by it. Besides the East Europeans hardly have improved it. I probably wouldn't have watched it, but I was staying at my mother's, and she's a faithful follower. This time at least, there was no need to be ashamed of the representative for Finland. However, although Lordi, the first Finnish winner ever, was in every detail the opposite of the majority of performers, they were typical of the ESC in one respect: looks were more important than music.

This Friday evening I went to Lordi's victory celebration at Market Square, thinking that the next time Finland wins, I'll be 90 years old, if alive. I doubt I would have taken the trouble for Tomi Metsäketo who came second in the Finnish competition - he wouldn't have won the ESC anyhow. Lordi was, after all, in some way rebellious compared to the average forgettable trash. The crowd was enormous, some 90 000 people, with many small children. Craning my neck I could see two screens and the upper part of the stage, but I heard just fine. But I wonder who had the excellent idea of fireworks at the end of May at 60° North? All in all, it was more pleasant than I had expected, although I could have got rich on the empty bottles rolling at people's feet, if only I could have bent to pick them up.

Next year the contest will be held in Finland, OMG!