This morning I went for my almost traditional walk along the shores, and had my first tea at the terrace of Café Ursula this year. Surprisingly the terrace is open also during winter - they even have blankets to lend - but if I have been at the café, I've stayed indoors till now. Now there were people with their dogs, passing ships and birds to watch, unlike winter.

I had been in foul mood - strange where these things come from - but again I felt much better after sitting on the terrace by the sea, and continued my walk until I turned inland at Sirpalesaari pier. I looked at antique shop windows on my way home. There was a nice Chinese terracotta head in Antik West; unfortunately I know next to nothing about Chinese antiquities beyond the fact that their ideas of authenticity differ from the Western ones.

I had just passed Havis Amanda wondering whether I should continue straight ahead or turn back to my usual shore route when it started to rain, and I took the tram instead. It has been showers and sunshine by turns since then.


Incidentally, it is a Mother's Day, but I've been in Helsinki.