Olavi Lanu (1925-2015), the great sculptor of Lahti, died last week. We even have slight personal connections: he was born the same year my mother near Viipuri (Vyborg), and his daughters went to the same school I did, although I knew them only by appearance.

 In his memory I put here some old photos I've taken of his sculpture both in the town and in the Lanu Park. I've selected only pictures I've taken in spring and summer because it is May, although winter in Lanu Park can be a very special season.



Petrification: in front of the Lahti City Theatre

Linden: in Lanu Square



Sitting Willow: near the Church of the Cross

Grey January: in Lanu Park



Tender Stone: in Lanu park

Pile of Poles: in Lanu Park

Photos ©Magpie