Thanks to the calendar I had a really long Christmas holiday with plenty of time to rest and do various more or less useful things:

 I read some books, mostly well worth reading:

  • Jonathan Littell, Hyväntahtoiset (orig. Les Bienveillantes, English translation: The Kindly Ones)
  • Johan Theorin, Skumtimmen (English translation Echoes from the Dead)
  • Pekka Nihtinen, Kiinalainen teekirja (title in English: "The Chinese Tea Book")
  • Andrew Taylor, Kirjat, jotka muuttivat maailmaa (orig. Books That Changed the World: The 50 Most Influential Books in Human History)
  • Eppu Nuotio, Loppu: romaani (title in English: "End: a Novel")
  • Jaan Kross, Rakkaat kanssavaeltajat (orig. Kallid kaasteelised, title in English: "Dear Co-Travellers")
  • Terry Pratchett, Nation

I worked on compiling a vocabulary for my personal use, "Russian 5000," which has occupied me for years mostly during holidays.

On the days between Christmas and New Year I took advantage of the unseasonal weather by emptying the pool (aka puddle) - which as usual had frozen solid before I had had time to empty it in the autumn - of dirty water and stinking leaves. In the spring it would have been worse

Otherwise I spent my time buying grocieries, cooking, cleaning, and taking care of my mother's medication. And now it's good to be back at work.