In February I saw Händel's Giulio Cesare in Egitto (here known as Julius Caesar), and yesterday Coppélia. Both were in their ways enjoyable - but what a difference!

Giulio Cesare appears to be enjoying great popularity in the Baltic region just now. In addition to Helsinki it has been or is being performed in Tallinn and Stockholm as well. The Helsinki version, directed by Ville Saukkonen, was weird and creepy with necrophilia and cannibalism, in addition to the "necessary" allusions to American soldiers in Near East. I was baffled, but somehow it all enhanced the loveliness of the music.

And then Coppélia choreographed by Marc Rigaud, all lighthearted fun in the spirit of silent comedies. It was a brilliant idea to set the ballet in Georges Méliès's film studio, although the result reminded one more of early Chaplin than Méliès. But, what fun!