I hadn't yet recovered from the journey to Estonia as I had The Flying Dutchman waiting:


Because of the reviews, I had been a bit skeptical, but Kasper Holten's interpretation set in the world of business and painting won me over completely. However, to judge from some overheard remarks there were people who found the maritime lyrics hard to digest in the contemporary environment. I wasn't disturbed by the discrepancy in the least. However, I was less satisfied with the ending: it's the Dutchman who kills himself, and Senta survives to become an artist sponging off him. I'm far from sure if that was a good idea.

The performance was streamed live with Johan Reuter as the Dutchman, Camilla Nylund as Senta, Gregory Frank as Daland, Mika Pohjonen as Erik, Sari Nordqvist as Mary and Tuomas Katajala as Steersman. They were all good, but Mika Pohjonen sang better than ever before. He had also lost much weight; I wonder if I should be worried or congratulate him?

The Flying Dutchman can be seen in Stage24.