I have sometimes thought that I was meant to be my aunt's daughter instead of my mother's, because we have more in common with each other. This is what I call "Tina Lindquist Scenario".

But as my aunt wasn't married at the time, I was born to her sister, who had been married for six years and was childless. Later my aunt moved to Sweden and met her husband-to-be, and when she got pregnant, they planned to call the child Tina, if it was a girl. And so, as their family name is Lindquist, the child would have been Tina Lindquist. Of course, if my aunt had been married at the time when I was born, her husband probably would have been someone else with a different name, so in reality "my" name would have been something else.

In a way it's fun to imagine a parallel life in Sweden as Tina Lindquist. I can even sort of imagine what I would have looked like. At least I would have had gray or bluish gray eyes, instead of the muddy greenish ones I have inherited from my mother. I also see "myself" with darkish blond hair and a slightly narrower build. I might also have had a somewhat artistic profession, possibly as some sort of a designer. At least my aunt would have had a more realistic attitude towards it, instead of my mother's ridiculous admiration for my "artistic talent". On the other hand, I probably would have rebelled against any plans she might have had for me, us both being what we are, stubborn know-alls.