Yesterday was the state funeral of president Mauno Koivisto. I thought I should go to see the procession, as I had followed the funeral procession ot his predecessor. Last time I had waited by the Presidential Palace, but this time there were so many people already by the church that I thought it best to stay there as I got a place in the second row behind two short people. I had decided early on not go in the church, because I know how little one actually sees and hears there.


The mounted police leading the procession in the beginning were later replaced by outriders on motor scooters. The procession turned round the Senate Square and made stops at the Government Palace which can be seen on the left, the Bank of Finland, and finally at the Presidential Palace.


The hearse arrives. I felt like telling the boy to take his cap off, but then I got too busy taking pictures.


People are waiting by the Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma. Behind the trees peeps the equestrian statue of C.G.E. Mannerheim, also an ex-president. The procession turned here towards the Hietaniemi Cemetery. This time I didn't follow it to the end, but turned home.


People are leaving. Before the Railway Station can be seen some security arrangements.

I was home just in time to see the actual interment on TV, and in the evening I watched a collage of events. It is strange how the song Veteraanin iltahuuto moves me to tears these days; thirty years ago I found it awful.

In a way Koivisto was "my" president, although when I grew up "president" was just a synonym for Kekkonen. I voted for Koivisto twice, which I felt gave me a right to disagree with his policies, just as having voted against Kekkonen has given me a right to defend him against his detractors who weren't even born when he was president.