Yesterday was the big day when redundancies were announced to those concerned. I sat stiff with tension at my computer all day fearing I would be called to my boss for a discussion. I was almost certain I would be fired. But then in the afternoon the said boss went to library, and I started to think I might have been spared after all.

The fear has been general among us since last August when the new government announced its budget, and our share had been reduced by almost three million euros. It was feared that as many as 40 people might be fired, but in the end it was just 17, but of course there are other measures: a new reorganization after the one carried out last May, closing of offices, etc. It is difficult not to see a connection with the loans to Greece, whatever the real cause for the need felt by the government for budget cuts.

But I am relieved.


Oh by the way, today is the inauguration of the new president of the republic, from the same party as the present prime minister.

I think I'll give it a miss.