The Lahti Market is back in its original place, now with a car park beneath it. The opening festivities were held in April. On an average weekday or even a Saturday it is more than half empty, but today it was full and spilling over to nearby streets as usual on market days. What is new, in addition to the parking, is the even paving, the Light Well, and the four metal boxes in the corners - no improvement to the view.




In addition to my usual July market shopping I bought a kilo of vendace and peaked scarf. It remains to be seen if I'll ever wear the headdress, but the vendace has been fried with butter in an iron pan and eaten in part by me and my mother.

Mother is provisionally home from the hospital, but she can return there by Friday if it seems she can't cope living on her own, and then she'll be provided with a assisted living facility.