Well, actually it started on Saturday. At breakfast table I realized I wanted to wash my rag rugs.

I even had an old piece of pine soap, enough for two rugs, I thought. I rolled up two dirtiest rugs, took the soap, a scrubbing brush and a bucket, and went to Merihaka washing jetty by tram.

I had planned to go to Mustikkamaa beach on Sunday, but try as I might,I couldn't resist the call of the washing jetty... I even had some pine soap left...OK, I'll wash two rugs, and go to the beach in the afternoon... I washed the rugs... and fetched the rest.

While I waited for the rugs to get dry enough to carry home, I had time to read, stretch, eat strawberries, lie in the sun...




In the evening I even went back to take photos. It's ridiculous how enthusiastic one can get over washing rugs.