I discovered the Mid-Causal Plane entity Michael in the early 1990s. A book, probably Chelsea Quinn Yarbro's Messages from Michael, attracted my attention when I was looking for information about reincarnation. I didn't buy it at the time, and the next day it was gone. Later, when the Finnish translation of The Michael Handbook was published, I bought it immediately. Reading it, I was at first doubtful, even suspicious, and irritated by the American tone, but with time it grew on me, and now the Michael Teachings have become my main frame of reference.

After three unsuccessful tries to have my Overleaves channelled, I got my basic information via Garðar Björgvinsson:

  • Soul Age: 6th Old
  • Role: Scholar with Artisan Casting
  • Goal: Re-Evaluation
  • Mode: Reserve
  • Attitude: Skeptic
  • Chief-Feature: Self-Deprecation
  • Body Type: Venusian

All this was easy to validate, and mostly familiar already. Now I'm waiting to get my Centering, Cadre & Entity and Essence Twin Role from Troy Tolley. Originally I had got my Goal wrong, so that although each of the Overleaves made sense, the whole didn't quite fit. Now everything has fallen in place. Re-Evaluation does explain things I hadn't even thought needed explaining, such as "The Importance of Being Simple". Another surprise was the Soul Age Level, although in some ways it does resonate.

Michael told that it is hard for Scholars to be Skeptics in Re-Evaluation. They tend to drive in circles doubting, getting new information, re-evaluating, doubting... In addition they said that I had placed a block on my throat chakra before this incarnation in order to avoid incurring any more karma, which causes certain problems, although they often annoy others more than me.

And now, they said, it's time for me to move on to live more like an Artisan in Growth, Idealism and Passion by bringing joy into my life by drawing ("Train on your passion"), which does please me. Drawing and painting, which I basically enjoy doing the most, have felt increasingly meaningless these past few years. But now encouraged by Michael, I have made some modest still lives with coloured pencils, happily forgetting my environment and the passage of time. I can see now that the change towards Growth has already started a couple of years ago. Even this blog seems like a move in the direction indicated, towards Expression.