I got into online dating last summer when, out of curiosity, I followed the example of an acquaintance. Since then I have changed services twice. I make searches, occasionally write messages in guest books, answer messages, chat, all just out of boredom. Sometimes I wonder if it is fair, because I am not seeking anyone. Well, of course someone irresistible might appear... Not likely. I don't want to mislead nice people nor do I want any unnecessary trouble. What I've learned during this year is that I am completely unsuited for any of this, as if I hadn't known it before. I haven't agreed to meet anyone in real life. Probably I'll be quitting soon.

Treffit, which I am using now, has funny search categories, in addition to the basic ones: religion, ethnicity, income, etc. Interesting of course, but I wonder why no-one has protested. But a search category that I miss is "Seeks what", so that one needn't waste time for instance on a 50 year old man seeking almost 30 years younger women. On the other hand, there sometimes appear very young men/boys, who say they prefer older women because "they have experience". They'd be in for a very bad disappointment with me.

With its less than 100 000 members, Treffit is quite limited in scope. Still, there are all sorts. Some have obvious, although of course only implicit, "professional" interests. Most are ordinary, some try too hard to please, some seek adventure. Recently I had a "visit" from a pair of married men in their mid-thirties, seeking a woman or a couple to play with. They cooperate well, they said. Intriguing idea, but not for me.

Besides, what can one believe? I know. I have changed sex and age, preferences. So, who am I to worry about ethics? Only this play with identities isn't fun in the long run, although educational, and so now I exist online only as "myself". My nick is AquAria. In the photo I look crazy and desperate, but some seem to think I'm sweet and nice. You can make searches (in Finnish) without registering at Suomi24 Treffit.