This year I've survived the dread plumbing, electricity and ventilation renovation. Here some photos from the experience:


This was the starting point, my dear tub... Not in a great condition, but one of the reasons I bought the flat originally.


March: I piled my possessions in a 2x4x2 m pile under plastic and old sheets, all according to instructions.


Meanwhile elsewhere: my temporary lodgings from March to June, a bit expensive but comfortable and convenient.


The conclusion: a shower - practical and efficient. But when I had spent an evening putting books back in the bookshelf, I missed sorely a good long soak in a tub. But alas!

All in all it wasn't too bad, at least the timetable held, although the price is insane - double last year's estimate. They say that a renovation like this increases the value of a flat by 20%, but as far as I'm concerned my level of housing has not improved as claimed, rather the contrary.

And now I must deal with the "collateral damage" to walls and roofs - repaired of course (mostly), but painted with a white that stands out from the old colours. Not to mention the problem with grandmother's standard lamp with a plug that doesn't fit in the new sockets, and what to do with the coat rack. And then there's the stuff stored at my mother's...