I've just come home from the opera through a bright night lit by a fat half moon. What I saw was the new version of La Bohème directed by Katariina Lahti, for a change a traditional one, set in early 20th century Paris.

The reviews had been a bit so-so, and I was slightly doubtful at the start. Zach Borichevsky (Rodolfo) had been praised, but I thought I had heard better Che gelida maninas, and thought Marjukka Tepponen (Mimi) was a better singer - if such a comparison makes any sense. Sets by Mark Väisänen reminded me more of the ballet Anna Karenina than his other work - maybe it was just the wintriness and the baffling railway crossing (doubtless full of profound symbolism) in the middle of the stage. But as the evening progressed I warmed to the performance.

It must be more than 10 years ago that I saw the previous La Bohème at the National Opera, a minimalist version that left me slightly bored. This new version was lively and amusing, and at the end I found myself even moved - definitely not boring.